VDARE.com Editor Peter Brimelow Interviewed By Poland's KONSERWATYZM
July 06, 2016, 11:38 AM
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An e-interview I did with with Michal Krupa of Poland's KONSERWATYZM has just been posted here. Here's our unedited exchange:

MK: How do you view Donald Trump's electoral prospects? The pundits, so-called experts are all over the map on this issue. What are the crucial factors that would contribute to a Trump victory?

PB: Trump has an excellent chance of winning because he can mobilize the Republican Party’s white base, especially over the immigration a.k.a. national displacement issue. The parallel to the unexpected Brexit vote is obvious.

Do you believe a Hillary implosion is still possible?

Yes. She’s not actually polling that well right now, in spite of the intense media barrage against Trump. She has all kinds of baggage—and she’s been forced to accept a very left wing platform on immigration etc. The Democrats have an unstable coalition—the Sanders voters were overwhelmingly white, Clinton’s voters substantially non-white. It won’t hold together and may come apart in this election.

Many western nationalists and traditional conservatives view Trump with some anxiety, considering him to be a fraud, a member of the oligarchy, somebody who can't truly mean what he says. On the other hand, there are those, who say Trump is not conservative or rightist enough, especially in the area of social issues. How would you address such fears?

Trump is a very unusual figure, a plutocrat who obviously has patriotic instincts, although they ARE instincts, not a coherent ideology. In many ways, he’s the type of “moderate” Republican that the media has been telling us the party should run. But he clearly does differ from the Establishment consensus on immigration, trade, foreign policy, globalism and that’s enough to drive them crazy.

Trump voters don’t care. For them, he’s a wrecking ball. They’ve been abused by their leaders to the point that they just want to smash things up—again, cf. Brexit.

Would you agree that Trump's conciliatory approach to Russia and Vladimir Putin is the prime reason for the animosity of much of the Washington establishment, including the still influential neoconservatives? 

I think his obvious reluctance to go to war in the Middle East i.e. directly to benefit Israel is more important, but yes, his caution about Russia is a factor.

James Kirkpatrick and many others have pointed out that Trump has moved the GOP into a more nationalist direction, re-defining the conventional understanding of American conservatism, with its emphasis on lower taxes, free trade, ideological understanding of American nationhood and a muscular foreign policy. Can you elaborate on this?

I think it’s all here!

Who in your opinion would be the ideal nominee for Trump's VP?

Personally, I think he should choose Kansas Sec of State Kris Kobach for reasons explained here. But apparently, his current advisors want an Establishment figure, which could be bad.

VERY bad would to pick a minority or (generally speaking) a woman i.e. pander conventionally. Again, Trump needs to mobilize the white base and being un-Politically Correct is part of that.

You have written much, including a best selling book, on the topic of immigration and its impact on American demographics. What concrete steps would you hope Trump would take in addressing this issue?

The US government is on the verge of Electing A New People—whites, who until the 1965 immigration Act were known as “Americans”, will go into a minority somewhere after 2040 because of immigration policy. At this point, America as we know it will cease to exist.

I would want to see: (a) an immigration moratorium; (b) secure borders; (c) elimination of the illegal presence through deportation and enforcement of existing laws etc.; (d) abolition of birthright citizenship/ dual citizenship; (e) to the extent that there is immigration, it should be traditional a.k.a. white, to shift the racial balance back. (This includes Poles!); (f) Official English laws.

How does an Englishman living in the United States view the historic BREXIT vote? Do you expect a domino effect? Would a Trump victory help propel the implosion of the EU?

My opposition to the EU was a significant factor in my decision to stay in North America, so obviously I’m deeply moved.

I think the EU superstate concept is a mistake for all concerned, especially the Euro, although I can see a case for free trade (if not free movement of people). It might be possible to make the EU work by sticking to the French/ German/ Italian/ Catholic Carolingian core. But I don’t know and I don’t think it should be a British (or American) problem.