VDARE.com Applauds Exposé Of Media Matters, Notes Its Smears Of Us
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The Daily Caller has published a couple of exposés of Media Matters For America:

They've got interesting, and damaging stuff. The part about coordinating with the White House could get them in serious trouble with the IRS and the FEC. (VDARE.com never collaborates with the White House.)

Some background—in the beginning liberals controlled the media, CBS, NBC, ABC, the New York Times, The Washington Post, Time Magazine...the  whole thing. (The "beginning" here is the Sixties, there was prior period when newspapers were controlled by their owners, who trended conservative, because they were in high tax brackets.)

Since they controlled the whole thing, they had no need for anything like Brent Bozell's Media Research Center.

Opposition was limited to little magazines with circulation in the thousands.

The advent of talk radio, Fox News, and most especially the internet made it possible for liberals to start feeling beleaguered. That gave David Brock, who had once worked for The American Spectator when he was a closeted gay conservative,  the chance to get money from George Soros and found Media Matters. The late Sam Francis was one of his early targets:

"Who is such a sap as to take the word of such a person?" asked journalist Christopher Hitchens about David Brock, another journalist (sort of) who confessed to having penned what he later admitted was a mendacious account of Anita Hill on behalf of the "Republican sleaze machine" (for which he was well paid with royalties and fame). [The Real David Brock, The Nation, May 9, 2002]

Well, lots of people, to judge from the reactions to Brock's latest wallow in self-righteousness, this time directed at me.

Having defected from the right because of his pangs of conscience over his earlier fakeries, Brock has now set himself up as a "media watchdog" who pronounces, to anyone willing to pay attention, on the misdeeds of real journalists (mainly those on the political right, where Brock and his fans like to purport all evil is located).

David Brock, Phony 'Media Watchdog,' Demands I Be Muzzled By Sam Francis on December 16, 2004

Since then, we've had a long history of being smeared by them:

They hate us so much that we're not even on their enemies list. Instead they use us as club to beat Creator's SyndicateFox News, or CPAC.

Will Media Matters be badly damaged by this exposé? It would be pretty to think so, but the $PLC has been exposed over and over again since Ken Silverstein's The Church Of Morris Dees in 2000, and they're still going strong.

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