Surprise! Media Matters Not Very Bright In Their Attack On Pat Buchanan
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January 03, 2011, 09:13 PM
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This came up while we had the site closed, so I haven`t bothered to reply, but here it is, from the Media Matters  website:

Surprise! Pat Buchanan Reads VDARE

December 28, 2010 11:21 am ET by Jamison Foser

I know, there`s something of a dog-bites-man quality to learning that Pat Buchanan reads a rabidly anti-immigrant website. But Buchanan continues to enjoy the favor (or at least acceptance) of a not-insignificant portion of the media elite, so the fact that he apparently browses a white nationalist site for column ideas is worth noting.

Here`s a portion of Buchanan`s latest column:

Then there`s a lengthy excerpt from PISA And Bad Students—American Schools Add Value, But Demography is StillDestiny, (our title) some Pioneer Fundophobia, and some Steve Sailer bashing, in which hysterical mini-pundit John Podhoretz is quoted as an authority for the fact that something Steve Sailer said was "shockingly racist", and what I  call   "Ransom Note Racism," where anything you`ve said on the subject of race is quoted out of context.

For example, what JPod actually said was that what Sailer had said was "shockingly racist and paternalistic "

The paternalism in Sailer`s column was his suggestion that Federal Government had a duty of care towards the people of New Orleans, because their municipal government wasn`t going to provide it:"Republican Presidents are supposed to provide adult supervision for crooked Democratic urban machines. "

But let that alone—the main thrust of Media Matters criticism is that since we`ve been condemned by the Southern Poverty Law Center, and previously by Media Matters, no one should ever quote us again. Pat Buchanan couldn`t follow that standard, or he`d be unable to quote himself.

In fact, many people read us, but most don`t have the nerve to quote us. Pat doesn`t have that problem.

For the record, thought we syndicate his column, Pat doesn`t work for us, nor we for him.

Again for the record, he`s quoted us before, including quoting me three times, not because we`re hateful, but because we`re saying things that no one else is. Since Media Matters has the job of spying on the American right, you`d think they`d know that.