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Muller vs. Malkin [James Fulford]- 12/28/04

Eric Muller has an attack on Michelle Malkin's Japanese internment book in the December Reason Magazine. The internment, and Michelle Malkin,are something of an obsession with him.

Daniel Pipes defends her here and here; he writes:

"Ms. Malkin has done the singular service of breaking the academic single-note scholarship on a critical subject, cutting through a shabby, stultifying consensus to reveal how, 'given what was known and not known at the time,' President Roosevelt and his staff did the right thing.

"She correctly concludes that, especially in time of war, governments should take into account nationality, ethnicity, and religious affiliation in their homeland security policies and engage in what she calls 'threat profiling.' These steps may entail bothersome or offensive measures but, she argues, they are preferable to 'being incinerated at your office desk by a flaming hijacked plane.'"

Guzzardi Is Right! [Matts Tolander]- 12/28/04

I've added a handful of immigration-related posts to Internet128.com over the last few days, listed here more or less in order of importance. Looking at them, it strikes me that just about every one of them is but an echo of preeminent immigration-observer Joe Guzzardi's warnings.

Business Week recommends padding your portfolio with government-dependent Latino immigrants

US Census Bureau says Hmongs are poor, uneducated, and don't speak English

Left Behind: Rappaport Institute's Guy Stuart stuck in the mud at a crossroads in the rearview mirror

[This one's about how Americans are leaving Mass. as immigrants pour in.]

De-Americanizer Ali Noorani wants lots more of what's hurting Massachusetts

Illegal alien enabler calls San Francisco "a very moderate, middle-of-the-road political spectrum"

[Interview with Wells Fargo's chairman]

Running out of space: Latino gangs swarm Anglo America

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