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That Bush Press Conference: Expecting A Different Result? [James Fulford] - 12/20/04

President Bush just held a year-end press conference [Video] in which he reiterated his support for his guest worker plan and wished the press corps "Happy Holidays."

The Establishment libertarians at Reason Magazine like it, quoting his much-used tagline about family values not stopping at the Rio Grande.

Michelle Malkin doesn't like it:

"After the White House news conference this morning, Bill Kristol on Fox News praised President Bush's remarks about 'immigration reform' as 'eloquent.' Beg to differ. The president's open-borders statements were empty, garish platitudes strung together sloppily like cheap Christmas lights…"

Read Michelle's whole article, which has several links to Juan Mann's VDARE.COM reporting on what else doesn't stop at the Rio Grande.

On immigration, the Administration is repeating the same thing over and over, expecting a different result.

Another Day, Another Immigrant Atrocity [Joe Guzzardi] - 12/20/04

Oreina Zarco-Alvarez, a 28-year-old Mexican immigrant farm worker, legal status unspecified, killed volunteer firefighter Mario Cuhna when she struck him with her automobile in Monterey County near Salinas last March.

Zarco-Alvarez, who fled the scene of the crime, had no driver's license and no insurance.

Although Zarco-Alvarez plead guilty to the lesser charges, the most serious, vehicular manslaughter, was dropped.

Writing for the Monterey Herald, reporter George Sanchez closed his story (December 14) with this observation made by her court-appointed lawyer: "…Zarco-Alvarez has two children in her native country whom she badly wants to be reunited with after her sentencing in February."

Sanchez ([email protected]) did not report the wishes of the bereaved Cuhna family. 

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