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AZ's Prop 200 To Be Implemented Immediately! [Bryanna Bevens] - 12/22/04

I wasn't sweating it! Ok, maybe just a little bit.

In November 2004, 56% of Arizona voters supported voted in favor of Prop 200. On November 30th, David C. Bury, a federal judge with the Third Circuit, issued a temporary restraining order against the implementation of Prop 200.

Today, Judge Bury lifted the TRO. According to CBS News in Phoenix KPHO, the Governor was prepared for this decision.

"'We have done a lot of work to prepare for this day, and we are ready to go,' said Governor Napolitano. 'I asked state agencies to fully comply with Proposition 200 and I have now ordered agencies to perform additional, random checks to make sure we are doing it right.'"

Governor Napolitano was an outspoken opponent of Prop 200.

Then again, I am sure we have not heard the last of this...

For now, good job Judge Bury!

More On Bush Betrayal [A Reader] - 12/22/04

Reading James Fulford comments on Bush's dim-witted pro-immigration remarks at his press conference earlier this week reminded me that the situation was masterfully summarized by Stephen Steinlight in his generally amazing CIS presentation last June. He called the Bush "reform" proposals:

""a sham to amnesty between 10 to 14 million illegal aliens by turning them into members of a permanent legal underclass, a conception that is an affront to the deepest ideals of American political and social culture from the Founders on…If enacted, Bush's scheme would transform the United States from what it is today—the best approximation the modern world has known of the democratic ideal represented by the Athens of Pericles— into Sparta, a hierarchical state with rigid social distinctions carried on the backs of a class of helots."

What more needs to be said?

Three weeks ago, Bernard Kerik was a rising star basking in the glory of his coveted cabinet nomination.

Today, he announced his resignation as CEO of Giuliani Partners, the investment business he founded with former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani.

According to an AP story carried by ABC news online, Apologetic Kerik Quits Giuliani's Firm [12/21/04], Kerik resigned his position to pursue "other business opportunities."

At the end of this article, almost as an after thought, one of Kerik's previous "business opportunities" was mentioned.

"Giuliani Partners has advised business and government agencies on security, leadership and other issues. The consulting firm advised Trinidad in its battle against a rise in kidnappings and murders and was paid $4.3 million by Mexico City officials for advice on reducing crime there."

Potential conflicts of interest would have been analyzed during Senate confirmation. A multi-million dollar client of Kerik's was none other than Mexico City.

We in Georgia are left wondering:

President Bush's nominee for Attorney General, Alberto Gonzales, is currently Chief Counsel to President Bush and a former board member of the National Council of The Race [a.k.a. La Raza].

La Raza openly endorses the DREAM ACT, drivers licenses for illegal aliens and [surprise!] opposes the CLEAR ACT.

Shouldn't active leadership in an organization that openly advocates for illegal aliens make Gonzales even more unacceptable than Kerik?

I think it should.

Could Bush be attempting to pack his second term government (and the federal courts) with those who would support and protect his amnesty plan?

Given the choice, would Gonzales support the rule of law in America—or "The Race?"

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