Hillary Rodham Clinton: Sincere Opportunist?
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Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton is not a stupid woman, oh how I wish she were.

On December 13, 2004, the Washington Times ran an article by Charles Hurt titled Hillary Goes Conservative on Immigration.

Ouch! That's gotta hurt!

According to the WT, Senator Clinton's aggressive play for immigration reform is part of an overall strategy designed to woo Conservatives who are likely disenchanted with President Bush's failure to address the issue.

"Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton is staking out a position on illegal immigration that is more conservative than President Bush, a strategy that supporters and detractors alike see as a way for the New York Democrat to shake the "liberal" label and appeal to traditionally Republican states."

Recently, the New York Senator has made several public statements denouncing illegal immigration and calling for tighter border restrictions.

The article also quotes an interview on WABC radio in which she said: "I am, you know, adamantly against illegal immigrants."

Her Presidential campaign, HillaryNow.com has plenty to say about it as well. Robert Kunst, campaign President was quote by the WT.

"Bush has done everything he can to leave the doors wide open…Hillary is the only one taking a position on immigration. She will win that issue hands down."

What are some of the players saying about this latest addition to the reform movement?

Congressman Tom Tancredo (R-CO) contributed to the Times article through a spokesman.

"'She's not a dumb woman,' Tancredo spokesman Carlos Espinoza said. 'She's got a great liberal base, and she realizes there's no better way to draw in more conservative voters. She has really come out to the forefront on that.'

And finally, political strategist Dick Morris made his contribution as well.

"I think she is trying to move to the right, and immigration is one of the ways she is using to do it…"

And then:

"I think this is a particularly misguided choice on her part, however, since two-thirds of Bush's margin this time was due to his closure of the Democratic margin of victory among Hispanics."

[I would see Steve Sailer regarding that margin, by the way.]

The former First Lady is a Democratic favorite for the 2008 Presidential elections. 

However, I can only offer diluted applause to Senator Clinton because I just don't buy it…not yet.

Offering little more than rhetoric, she has yet to outline her strategy for tackling this colossal problem.  

I admit my cynicism. Just as a leopard eventually shows his spots, a liberal eventually shows her other face.

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