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 South-Hating Rises Again [James Fulford]- 11/14/04

The Democrats Southern Strategy, unveiled. (Warning: Repetitive strong language.) A definite loser? Indeed.

Electing a New People, Again [James Fulford] - 11/14/04

Martin Peretz, somewhat surprisingly, is quoting the Bertolt Brecht line about electing a new people, in the Wall Street Journal. His slant is a little different, though. He's talking about the "blue staters" wishing the "red staters" would just go away. (See the "Southern Strategy" above.)

But of course, "blue states" are constantly being reinforced with voters from the Third World. So the electoral end result will be the same.

Foreigners for President? [Bryanna Bevens- 11/14/04

Have you heard of the Amend for Arnold campaign?

It is a campaign to allow a foreign-born individual to hold the office of President of the United States.

Why?  Because Arnold Schwarzenegger wants to be President but alas, he was born in Austria and our Constitution was written precisely to prevent that.

A new Silicon Valley-based organization will begin running statewide advertisements backing a constitutional amendment that would let Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and other foreign-born citizens run for president.

One of Arnold's many campaign donors, who also organized this latest campaign, offered this clever quip:

"You cannot choose the land of your birth. You can choose the land you love," [said] Lissa Morgenthaler-Jones. [Ads To Back Schwarznegger For President, AP, November 14, 2004]

The cable television ads will begin airing this Monday.

Please email www.amendforarnold.com and tell Arnold he is welcome to be President…of Austria!!

(Just to placate anybody who thinks we are just picking on Arnold, our own, dear Peter Brimelow is also ineligible for this office…which I think is probably a good thing.)

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