Ground Zero In Occupied America
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A painful part of our life at VDARE.COM is desperate email from ordinary Americans seeking protection from the impact of immigration.  Often they beg for help in reporting illegal aliens to the indifferent authorities. All we can do is refer them to Juan Mann's handy guide.

I found these two recent emails from women, reproduced without editing, especially affecting:

I moved to a new apartment.   I have a handicapped adult child 21.   He is visually impaired, has cerebral palsey and autism.   He has very poor balance and needs help walking.   My apartments go A, B, & C.   The parking goes the same way.   The spanish people in C took my parking and wouldn't give it back.   So I called my land lord who is taking forever to fix the situation.   I have handicapped parking and the people in C don't want to honor that either.   I am sure they are illegals.   They have 5 or 6 cars parked on an empty lot each with a different expired tag from 2000 on.    How do they have more rights than me?   Thanks [deleted]

The second writer is "not sure" who she should talk to about her troubles—but sensibly has no expectation from her government:

I'm not sure who I should talk to but I have a house full of mexicans who live next door to me and I'm having nothing but problems with them they play their music all times of the day and when I complain they just stare and don't know how to speak a word of english I have an 11 year  neice  when the men see her they look her up and down and make cat noises she doesn't feel safe to walk in her own yard or outside the house the girls who live there roll their eyes at us or stare. when I talked to their landlord she told me she really can't do anything because when she tries to talk to them they don't understand her because no one in that house  speaks a word of english who do I contact because I feel they should not be living there. 

It's easy to brush off these simple appeals—if you live in a gated community or the Upper West Side of Manhattan. All across America, however, this is the reality that blue collar workers face. And they will face on a vastly increased scale if Bush gets his open-borders plan package through.

Which is why we call it "The Bush Betrayal."

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