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Islam In Holland [ Brenda Walker] - 11/02/04

It appears that criticizing Islamic culture has led to another assassination in the once placid Netherlands. Well known filmmaker Theo van Gogh was shot and stabbed in Amsterdam after receiving death threats for his 8-minute film "Submission" which slammed Muslims for their brutal treatment of women. Witnesses describe the killer as Muslim in appearance. Champion of western values and immigration restriction Pim Fortuyn was assassinated in May 2002 as he ran for the Dutch parliament. He called himself the Dutch Samuel Huntington and remarked, "What we are witnessing now is a clash of civilizations, not just between states but within them." With this murder, the Netherlands has become Exhibit A that welcoming cultural enemies is a deadly liberal delusion.

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More Campaign Finance [A Reader]- 11/02/04

Regarding your John & Ken post on the VDARE blog; the Democrats' lawyers in Iowa are up to the same tricks as the NRCC goons. In the most recent ProjectUSA ezine — this excerpt;

" the chair of the Iowa Democratic Party, Gordon Fischer, sent a press release to members of the media asking the Federal Election Commission (FEC) for an investigation into possible illegal campaign coordination between ProjectUSA and Rep. Boswell's opponent, Stan Thompson.

Congres"[C]oordination between Project USA...and Thompson for s must exist," Mr. Fischer wrote, citing evidence he had uncovered that the owner of a company with links to the company that printed some of our signs once worked on a Stan Thompson campaign.

All because of a billboard which merely reprinted what is already public record. I guess it's like Will Rogers said, "Nothing makes a man, or a body of men, as mad as the truth. If there is no truth in it, they laugh it off."

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