John and Ken Show under Election Eve attack from GOP!
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The John and Ken Show, whose Political Human Sacrifice project has been discussed here on, is under attack by the National Republican Congressional Committee.

Using the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act, the NRCC are attempting to suppress investigative journalism. They have specifically threatened John and Ken with jail.

The complaint, [PDF], alleges that the John and Ken engaged in illegal coordination by inviting the opposition candidate on, and that the coverage was an "in kind" donation.

This is crazy. The New York Times, Newsweek, and the major networks, AKA "That Liberal Media", are worth tens of millions of ad buys to the Democrats. Kerry has frequently met with editorial boards, and been interviewed, usually by fellow Democrats with softball questions, from coast to coast.

The whole point of Campaign Finance Reform has always been to empower the mainstream media at the expense of private groups like the NRA, the Right to Life people, and of course, any church that wants to keep its tax exemption.

(It's interesting that this free speech suppression is finally being applied to the democratic strongholds in the black churches, and the NAACP.)

Now it's starting to bite the media. Is it too late for the mainstream press to change their minds? Or was it too late when George Bush signed the "constitutional obscenity" of McCain-Feingold?

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