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A British Viewer Watches "CNN Presents" With Dismay [D.A. King- 10/17/04

As I send this to VDARE.COM on Sunday evening...I have yet to see the CNN PRESENTS documentary to air here tonight. But apparently the documentary has aired in Europe, and I can see how it has affected this British subject.

I live in the UK and watched the recent CNN program 'Immigrant
Nation' with interest, anger and dismay.

I saw that your organization was featured, so I visited your web site to find out more information and have decided to contact you with my views.

I can sympathize with those Americans who feel like second class
citizens in their own country. Here in the UK, our Government has lost control of our borders and now we have our share of illegal immigrants.

When the illegal immigrants are found out by our UK immigration
service, they are given the chance to appeal. If they lose the appeal, they just disappear into the woodwork never to be located again.

This is very annoying to ordinary citizens such as me who have paid our taxes into the system, only to find the money being paid out to keep the illegal immigrants while their cases are being investigated and re-investigated.

The situation over in the USA is even more annoying for me personally because I would like to emigrate from the UK to the USA, but I am finding doing so legally is very difficult.

I either have to spend a small fortune in setting up a business that will not only support me and my family but will also employ a certain number of Americans. Alternatively, I have to find an employee who will sponsor me for a H1b visa, and they can only do this if they have had a vacancy unfilled by a local person for at least 6 months.

Imagine what I feel after watching the show when I see people who have entered illegally and who have their healthcare and education paid for them by the American taxpayer, and here is me trying to enter legally and being able to financially support myself until I manage to find work.

Imagine further what I would think if there was an amnesty for those illegal immigrants who have broken the law, and yet I am trying to immigrate to the USA within the law.

An Enterprising Illegal Worth His Salt?  [A Reader] - 10/17/04

Possibly responding to President Bush's implicit encouragement in the last Presidential debate:

"If you can make 50 cents in the heart of Mexico, for example, or make $5 here in America, $5.15, you're going to come here if you're worth your salt"

the "undocumented worker" community made another distinctive contribution to the quality of life in Arizona on Saturday afternoon: an 11-car, 21 –casualty (6 dead) pile- up near Fort Huachuca. A local official said

""This is the worst multiple fatality accident I've been on…To have people pinned, the huge language barrier, it was really a horrible, horrible scene."."

Too bad if you were a passer-by—or a tax-payer funding those of the local emergency rooms still open.

And before anyone tries to argue a "guest worker" program would eliminate these hazards, think about the mentality which maneuvers a (reportedly stolen) SUV with 20 people in it at 90 mph, rather than face the wrist slap of US border enforcement penalties.

Coming right now to a neighborhood near you!

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