Dorothy Van Asdale Routs Rush On Illegals
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I tuned into Rush Limbaugh Friday to hear his replay of excerpts from Ted Koppel vs. John O'Neill [audio] (that's going on now). During the first hour, however, Limbaugh referred to an AP story about undecided voters who could be persuaded by the debates. [Voters appraise debates, withhold ultimate decision The Associated Press, October 16th, 2004]

For 83-year-old Dorothy Van Asdale, of Yuma, Ariz., the debates offered a firsthand look at a Democratic candidate she knew about mostly through the narrative of conservative radio commentator Rush Limbaugh.

"I listen to Rush Limbaugh when I'm in my car," she said. "We can only get one radio station really clear around here. It's so negative. I never heard a good thing about Kerry."

But when she tuned in to the presidential debates, she "liked Kerry's presence. I liked the way he spoke."

Limbaugh invited Dorothy to call him to discuss her conversion to Kerry. She did, and the results were totally unexpected. She is a one-issue voter concerned about illegal immigration, something that the AP apparently did not consider fit to print. She said that Bush should know about the problems they are facing in Yuma because he was governor of a border state, but she didn't like his answer to the last question (immigration).

Limbaugh pointed out the Kerry was also for open borders and didn't answer the question, and she agreed, but she said that he was from Massachusetts and might not understand the problems along the border. She added that Bush was close to Presidente Fox of Mexico.

Limbaugh shot back immediately, asking if she was concerned about Bush connections to the Saudi Royal Family in respect of oil. She answered that she didn't care about oil. Her concern is immigration.

Throughout, Limbaugh tried to steer the conversation away from immigration, but Dorothy kept coming back to it, because it is her highest priority. He did point out that the AP story was totally inaccurate in failing to mention her concern about immigration.

Dorothy is obviously comfortable financially. She is from the San Francisco Bay area and traveled with her husband after he retired. She moved to Yuma 18 years ago after his death, and she frequently travels to Mexico. She said that she is an independent and that she voted for Bush I, Clinton twice and Gore. She said that she voted for Clinton because Bush I looked at his watch during a debate.

Lady Clarifies Her AP Quote:  Illegal Issue Pushed Me Against Bush, October 15, 2004 [Audio]

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