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Salon Doesn't Like Us…Again [James Fulford] - 10/13/04

The NYT's public editor, Daniel Okrent wrote recently that "As nasty as critics on the right can get (plenty nasty), the left seems to be winning the vileness derby this year."

Salon's Mark Follman, who makes a living by looking at the Right from the Left, found this hard to believe, and went looking for "vileness" in conservative journalism. [The race to the bottom, Oct. 13, 2004.]

Not surprisingly, he found some.

Surprisingly, considering that we have lots of really angry people on our list of writers, such as Paul Craig Roberts, Paul Gottfried, and Sam Francis, he should have picked on our newest writer, Bryanna Bevens.

But pay a visit to right-wing outlets like VDARE.com and you'll quickly smack into much uglier polemic. Bryanna Bevens, "a political consultant and former chief of staff for a member of the California State Assembly," denounced Hispanic Heritage Month in September and recommended "National Hispanic Crime Prevention Month," instead. "Utilize our military resources to guard the borders," she wrote. "I like the idea of attack dogs trained to smell and devour sexual predators as well, but I shouldn't be greedy." [How about "National Hispanic Crime Prevention Awareness Month"? By Bryanna Bevens, September 29, 2004]

Bryanna is not particularly hateful or angry, and as usual, the critics aren't answering the question of whether the Hispanic Heritage Month is a Good Thing for America, whether troops should be used to guard the border, or whether, when there are headlines like U.S. Border Patrol arrests two sexual predators in two days, we shouldn't take drastic measures to protect against criminal illegal aliens.

Follman was partly responsible for a hit piece on restrictionists in general in 2003. [Vigilante Injustice ] see Children Of The Angry Apes: Salon And Its Stale Smear, and That Stale Salon Smear: Tancredo Speaks By Peter Brimelow.

He seems to be writing in the style of James Taranto who couldn't provide an answer to these problems, either.

Taranto's the one who wrote that it was "preposterous on its face to suggest that Mexican gardeners are a national-security threat, even if Arab flight students are."

Yes, the Arab flight students killed three thousand people in one day. It took Juan Corona years to kill 25 people. But there are a lot of potential Juan Corona's out there.

Another Food Item from Joe [Joe Guzzardi] - 10/13/04

Has multiculturalism in cuisine gone too far?

The San Francisco Chronicle Cooking School is celebrating Mexico's "Day of the Dead" by offering a class on how to prepare traditional dishes such as tinga, salsa and flan.

The class is taught by…….Olivia Wu????

What? No Mexican chefs available in San Francisco?

The Wrong Outrage [James Fulford] - 10/13/04

Michelle Malkin reports on Dems making fun of the retarded, with a link to Hunter Baker's story about Maureen Dowd and "extra-chromosome conservatives."

I remember Al Gore using this slur, but it goes back to Bush Sr., and Lee Atwater. Extra-chromosome conservatives is what the "compassionate" Republicans think of you and me, folks.

When Al Gore said this, comparing conservative Christians to the mentally retarded, he apologized. So did Vice President Bush. But neither of them apologized to conservatives.

They apologized to the "Down's syndrome community," the friends and relatives of the mentally retarded.

That's not who they owed an apology to.

By apologizing to the mentally retarded, both Gore and Bush were simply heaping insult on insult.

Think about it.

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