A (Danish) Politician Quits Over Principle?
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Denmark's former Interior Minister resigned from the Danish Parliament on Sunday in protest over her party's—the opposition Social Democrats—likely softening of their recently slightly firmer line on immigration. Karen Jesperson has been making waves on this issue for some time.

The Copenhagen Post issue carrying this story by chance has another illustrating what is bringing reality into Danish politics:

Copenhagen in grip of violent crime wave

"Unfortunately, you can hardly go out at night in central Copenhagen anymore without attracting some kind of trouble," said Station City chief criminal inspector Per Leo Jepsen…" More and more young people are carrying knives when they go out…" …"It used to be that a fight ended when one of the parties was down on the ground. Now, people just keep punching and kicking," said nurse Anne Christine Jensen…Inspector Ove Dahl of the Copenhagen Police's Department A… noted the rising overrepresentation of young immigrants in the official violent crime statistics."[My italics]

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