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Being An Immigration Enthusiast Means Never Having To Say You're Sorry [Peter Brimelow] - 10/07/04

James Fulford has already bashed Douglas Brown's attack on Michelle Malkin (In disgrace or in defense? A new book's claim that the U.S. was justified in interning Japanese Americans in WWII worsens the pain of their history, Colorado families say, Denver Post, September 2, 2004).

I make a cameo appearance in Brown's article:

Peter Brimelow, an author and longtime financial journalist who now writes for CBSMarketwatch.com, says the rationale for internment is "very straightforward. Racial profiling always makes sense," says Brimelow. "It's just that, you know, diversity is not strength, it's weakness. It's impossible to discuss it honestly, though."

Malkin, he says, "is one of the rare syndicated columnists who will write about immigration issues in a critical way."

I wonder if anyone can understand my point from this garbled quote—that racial profiling works because generalizations do hold true across large populations, however unjust to the individual, and that this is a fundamental principle of actuarial science. This is an endemic problem in print journalism, where the prejudices and professional failings of the writer can fatally combine.

More significantly, however, is that Brown suppressed my credentials for my heretical opinion—Alien Nation and VDARE—and instead publicized my financial columnist day job with CBS MarketWatch, although I specifically disassociated the webzine from my opinions.

Perhaps this is why the poor dears are now getting email insisting I be fired, although I write only about boring financial topics there, never politics.

They're a vicious lot, these immigration enthusiasts.

Send Douglas Brown email here.

Backbone Injected Into U.K. Tories [Peter Brimelow] - 10/07/04

The very liberal London Independent newspaper reports this morning that the opposition Conservative David Davis has attacked current immigration policy "in some of the toughest language used by a mainstream politician on race in recent years"…a triumph for the idea that mainstream parties see the light when they feel the ("extremist") heat.

Wish We'd Run This Dept. [Peter Brimelow] - 10/07/04

Wonderful series of maps on LewRockwell.com by health journalist Bill Sardi detailing the impact of illegal immigration on disease and crime.

An Immigrant Nuke In Our Future? [Steve Sailer] - 10/07/04

William S. Lind's column "Keeping Our Situational Awareness Up" on LewRockwell.com made this scary point:

The second report was the headline article in the September 28 Washington Times: "Al Qaeda seeks tie to local gangs; Salvadoran groups may aid entry to U.S." The story goes on to report that "Adnan G. El Shukrijumah, a key al Qaeda cell leader…was spotted in July in Honduras meeting with leaders of El Salvador's notorious Mara Salvatrucha gang, which immigration officials said has smuggled hundreds of Central and South Americans – mostly gang members – into the United States…authorities said [El Shukrijumah] was in Canada last year looking for nuclear material for a so-called 'dirty bomb'…"

If, or rather when, the U.S. gets nuked, that is how the bomb will most likely be delivered: not by missile but by some Central American gang. Why? Because those gangs have the best delivery system for anything illegal. Mara Salvatrucha is already waging low-level 4GW in the U.S., as many a police department could attest. And gangs, by their nature, are for hire. A few million al Qaeda dollars could easily rent Mara Salvatrucha's delivery system. Before the rise of the state, when someone wanted to go to war, they rented whatever capabilities they needed: armies, galleys, a cook in their enemy's kitchen who could add some 'special" seasoning to his prince's dinner, whatever. The Fourth Generation motto is, "Back to the future."

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