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Microsoft Wants More!  [Randall Burns] - 05/03/05

Microsoft's Bill Gates has just demanded the H-1b "temporary visa" cap be lifted.

The IQ-obsessed Gates opined:

"The whole idea of the H-1B visa thing is, don't let too many smart people come into the country. The whole thing doesn't make sense."

With straight face, the monopolist Gates says H-1b caps are "almost a case of a centrally controlled economy."

 In statements reminiscent of the Robber Barons, the world's richest man asks: "If the demand is there, why have the regulation at all?"

Microsoft is the top user of the H-1b program. According to the Department Of Labor:

"In 2004, Microsoft requested permanent status for 1,203 workers; 529 of the applications were certified... Microsoft, Intel, IBM and Oracle are among the top 10 companies requesting permanent residency for H-1B workers, according to the Department of Labor. In 2004, Microsoft requested permanent status for 1,203 workers; 529 of the applications were certified. The software company led applicants in both categories".

For the investment of a mere $13 million in campaign donations in the last few years, Microsoft and Gates are getting immigration rights for their employees that I estimate were worth over $50 million in 2004 alone!

However, even the Bush administration, notorious for pandering to corporate donors, isn't backing Gates on this one, according to Reuters:

"Undersecretary of Commerce Phil Bond, a top Bush administration technology official, pointed out that the unemployment rate for engineers is above the national average."

Given the jobs crunch, this is a gross understatement—which just shows there are limits even to what corporate stooges in the Bush administration will do.

This issue is being hotly discussed on Slashdot.org—the premier blog for software developers, many of whom seem less than enamored with the monopolistic practices of Microsoft.

The Indian press seems appreciative of Gates. But will that support be helpful in America as this issue heats up?

Radio Reconquista Reaches Phoenix [Bryanna Bevens] - 05/03/05

Yesterday I was driving to Jennifer's house—my super-human sister who also resides in the Central Valley of California.  I was surfing through radio stations and, after a bit, I noticed that far more than half were in Spanish.

Spanish radio stations have long dominated the air waves in the rural, agricultural areas of California. I called Jen and we tried to predict how much time we had left before Spanish radio conquered the major media markets.

I said five years—Jen said five days. The closest guess would win.

Then, this morning, reader E.B. sent me an email with this link: Radioandrecords.com

The listener demographics for Phoenix, Arizona are:

12+ Population: 2,856,900

Surveyed: Continuous

Ethnic Composition: Hispanic 21.9%

                                 Black N/A

Updated: May 02, 2005

Next Update: May 31, 2005

And, according to the Winter 2005 Arbitron ratings (just released), the top radio station for this major media market is—KHOT-FM/KHOV-FM from Univision…"regional Mexican" music.

I wonder which city is next.

I'll get to ponder that with my sister over the payoff dinner I now have to buy Jen…lucky guess, sis.

MexiCanada? [D. A. King] - 05/03/05

Reading in the Arizona Republic that Canada is "wooing" Mexican immigrants brings the old adage "be careful what you ask for" to mind. 

Canada is already a bilingual country, and has had to stave off secession by French speaking Quebec several times.

But wait until they see the effects of the arrogant colonizing horde sent out by the Mexican government!

Habla "La Raza", O Canada?

Knowing how many Mexicans want to flee the corrupt narco-governed country of Mexico and seeing how many come into the U.S. illegally makes me wonder what Canada will look and sound like in 20 years.

The image isn't one of Maple leaves and hockey. Eh?

Will the United States then have two Mexicos to deal with—one north and one south?

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