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A Thousand Minutemen Have Apparently Done What Bush Claimed Was Impossible ... [Fred Fries] - 04/28/05

…virtually shut down the Arizona sector as a border-crossing area for illegals from Mexico:

"Since the [Minuteman] volunteers began arriving March 30, the number of illegal immigrant apprehensions along the stretch of border has dropped significantly.  'It's worked,' said Chris Simcox, one of two primary organizers. ' The news is going across the border, and we've virtually shut down this whole area.' "(—from the World Net Daily article linked in Bryanna's new column:  )

So, that implies that with only an additional three thousand men—four thousand total—Simcox could virtually shut down California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas as crossing points, virtually solving the entire problem on our southern border (and completely without violence!). 

The problem is largely solvable with a total of only four thousand men!   

And Bush claims he can't do it with the entire United States government at his disposal???

Vdare.com's D. A. King On CNN [Joe Guzzardi] - 04/28/05

If you missed it the first time around in October 2004, CNN will repeat its special "Immigrant Nation, Divided Country" on Saturday April 30th. The documentary featuresVDARE.COM editor D.A. King.

Immigration reformers reacted strongly to this highly biased piece the first time around. [Transcript]

Use this opportunity to again express your anger at illegal alien employer and millionaire John Dillard [audio] of Georgia's famous Dillard House

And e-mail pro-open borders CNN correspondent Maria Hinojosa, who hosts the program, [email protected] to voice your outrage at her lack of journalistic integrity.

A review I wrote about "Immigrant Nation, Divided Country" is here: CNN's Maria Hinojosa—Mexican Mouthpiece

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