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Fox News on Immigration [Joe Guzzardi- 03/18/05

Fox News has broadcast three segments of its five part series on the devastating impact of illegal immigration.

Aired on March 17th, the third part detailed how illegal immigration has brought health care in California to the brink of collapse.

Check your local network for upcoming broadcasts. In the meantime, read Dr. Madeleine Pelner Cosman's essay, "Illegal Aliens and American Medicine" which I wrote about earlier this week.

Dr. Cosman will be a guest on the Mark Edward's "Wake Up America" radio program Monday March 21st at 10:00 P.M. Pacific Standard Time.

"Wake Up America" can be heard live throughout the eleven western states or over the Internet.

Making A Game Out Of Patriotism? [Joe Guzzardi- 03/18/05

Douglas, AZ Mayor Ray Borane has accused Minuteman Project coordinator Jim Gilchrist of making a "game" out of "patriotism"

Borane charged that Gilchrist is on the "verge of creating an international incident."[Border control effort draws volunteers, stirs anxieties - Jerry Kramer San Diego Union Tribune March 17 2005]

While Borane claims to be "worried" that volunteers might be shot, the Mayor has a wretched history of defending the integrity of his country. In 2003, he actually received the Ohtli Award given by the Mexican government to that individual who has done the most "to improve U.S.-Mexican relation and…promote Mexican heritage and culture."

Dating back to 2000, Borane told PBS that deporting illegal aliens from Arizona would "paralyze" local industry.

In 2002, Borane flatly refused to allow local police help enforce immigration law.

Finally, in February 2005, Borane charged that the Minuteman Project is "made up of white supremacists, racists and very dangerous people."

Like so many other politician belonging to the Treason Lobby, Borane is threatened by the growing demand from Americans that the border between the U.S. and Mexico be properly managed.

Invasion Visuals [D. A. King- 03/18/05

I offer this for the VDARE.COM reader for the photos as much as the text – which, however, is quite different from the mendacious headline. [No drop in migrant flow or deaths  Multimillion-dollar border effort had little impact, analysis shows – Claudine Lomonaco (e-mail) ]

Human Chain…Where Have They Been All These Years? [D. A. King- 03/18/05

From the Inland Valley [California] Daily Bulletin regarding the Minute Man Project in Arizona, U.S.A.—"...Latino activists protesting the Minuteman Project could also form a human chain across the border, and plan to protest Saturday..."

Now, they want to form a "human chain" at the border.

April is apparently really is immigration crime-fighting month in Bush's "New America".

How "extreme".

George F. Kennan, RIP [Steve Sailer- 03/18/05

The famous diplomat and historian George F. Kennan, who died Thursday at the age of 101, was best known for his "Long Telegram" of February 1946 that both shattered the U.S. government's illusion that Stalin's Soviet Union was its ally and outlined a strategy for containing Communism without setting off World War III.

One of the great conservative realists of the 20th Century, Kennan was starkly skeptical about mass immigration. (As is common among immigration skeptics, Kennan had family ties to immigrants: his wife of 74 years was from Norway.) He wrote in his 1994 book Around the Cragged Hill:

"However one cuts it, the question is not whether there are limits to this country's ability to absorb immigration; the question is only where those limits lie, and how they should be determined and enforced—whether by rational decision at this end or by the ultimate achievement of some sort of a balance of misery between this country and the vast pools of poverty elsewhere that now confront it. The inability of any society to resist immigration … is a serious weakness, and possibly even a fatal one, in any national society." (p. 19)

Kennan also said:

"It is obviously easier, for the short run, to draw cheap labor from adjacent pools of poverty...than to find it among one's own people. And to the billions of such prospective immigrants from poverty to prosperity, there is, rightly or wrongly, no place that looks more attractive than the United States. Given its head , and subject to no restrictions, this pressure will find its termination only when the levels of overpopulation and poverty in the United States are equal to those of the countries from which these people are now so anxious to escape."

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