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The American Dream: A Creed, Not A Loophole [Bryanna Bevens] - 02/18/05

Yesterday, the Senate Education and Health Committee of the Virginia legislature chaired by Republican H. Russell Potts, killed HB2910.

The bill

"Provides that persons who are unlawfully present in the country may not be admitted to any public institution of higher education in Virginia."

Earlier this month, HB2910 passed the house by a significant vote of 67-28. 

What happened??

I guess we would have to ask the 5 Republican and 7 Democrat Senators who voted to suspend the bill indefinitely:

[Email addresses for Senators Potts  Saslaw  Lambert  Houck  Lucas  Howell  Quayle  Edwards  Ruff  Whipple  Mims  Blevins]

Committee Chairman Senator Potts is looking to run for Governor of Virginia.  He believes that denying higher education to illegal aliens is tantamount to denying them the American Dream.

If he continues to champion illegal aliens instead of Virginians, Governor Potts may prove to be a dream too…and nothing more.

Diversity Is Strength! It's Also…Heterosexual HIV. [A Reader] - 02/18/05

"Britain has had a successful record of containing the transmission of HIV through heterosexual sex…HIV doctors had previously been puzzled at why the infection was spreading so slowly among heterosexuals in Britain, remaining primarily in the homosexual community."[HIV migrants hit 1,000 in Britainby Anthony Browne, The [London] Times, February 16 2005]

But relax! Third World immigration has come to the rescue!

"The spread of the infection from immigrants to the resident community has led to a fivefold increase in the number of people catching HIV through heterosexual sex in Britain since Labor was elected in 1997…people were infected with HIV from having heterosexual sex with people who caught HIV overseas, most of whom are African immigrants… government figures show that the scale of the so-called 'onward transmission' has been growing rapidly"

As you pointed out the other day, Anthony Browne has written invaluably on the consequences of immigration to Britain.

How come no major U.S. newspaper has a similar writer?

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