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More Bret Stephens vs. Michelle Malkin [James Fulford] - 02/17/05

I remember I "decoded" Jason Riley's attack on Heather MacDonald, but when Bret Stephens of the WSJ said that Michelle Malkin was suspended " "somewhere between meltdown and release"," I didn't even want to decode it.

The apparent meaning of the word "release" here is fairly offensive. ["Objectionable and incendiary language" or "Kind of, well, hot", depending on your attitude towards today's sex-drenched culture].

Frankly, as heterosexual bachelor, I don't actually object to today's sex-drenched culture, but Michelle is respectable married woman, who does.

It reminds me of the disrespectful attitude to women that Noemie Emery called The Moral Fallout of Clintonism (writing about an offensive attack on Ann Coulter).

But why should the moral fallout of Clintonism land on the Wall Street Journal?

Michelle has decided to adopt this insult as a tagline. And that will likely remembered when Bret Stephens is forgotten.

Relief For The Nannies Of The Idle Rich Bill [D. A. King] - 02/17/05

From the Christian Science Monitor, 17 February, 2005.

"A driver's license would make my life so much easier for me and better for my [employers]   as well," says a domestic worker identifying herself only as Monica A...."

Gracias to "Monica A." for making the point so clearly.

I hope that many VDARE.com readers will forward this illegal alien's astute and honest observation to their U.S. Senators.

Maybe it will have some effect on their decision on Congressman Sensenbrenner's driver's license standardization bill [HR 418]  that is coming before them.

At least it will allow them an opportunity to demonstrate on which side they stand—"Monica A's"- or America's.

I put the odds on which way they will go at... even money.

Free Republic vs. Sam Francis [A Reader] - 02/17/05

Over at the egregiously misnamed website Free Republic, someone linked to the Chronicles tribute to Sam Francis.  The thread attracted a fair bit of comment, most of it favorable to Sam.  The thread was then pulled, because it was outside the bounds of cheerleading for Bush that passes for conservatism at Free Republic. 

Along with Peter Brimelow, I wonder if the Bush White House is funneling money to Free Republic, as it did to Armstrong Williams and others.

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