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Mexico Ignores Outrage, Reprints "Migrant" Guide [D.A. King] - 01/24/05

The Mexican government has announced that it will reprint and continue to distribute its "Guide for the Mexican Migrant."

Why not?

Who's to say no to the invasion of America?

 "I will serve all Americans" indeed.

An Indian Explains to National Review why Indian Immigrants Aren't Republicans. We Agree. [Peter Brimelow] - 01/24/05

Amitabh Pal, Managing Editor of The Progressive, has just explained to National Review's Jay Nordlinger why Indian immigrants, despite repeated neocon predictions and regardless of their prosperity, won't become Republicans: (1) they don't like Bush's foreign policy; (2) "the Republicans, in spite of protestations to the contrary, have been a party often representing white Christian interests…"

Of course, the GOP does represent white Christian interests because its base is white and Christian. (And so, as a matter of fact, is the historic American nation).

Immigrants from very different racial and cultural backgrounds naturally have more trouble assimilating to this base.

That is why encouraging such immigration is suicide for the GOP—and for the American nation.

Army Uses Robots—Not Immigrants [A Reader] - 01/24/05

"The US military is planning to deploy robots armed with machine-guns to wage war against insurgents in Iraq…. Officials say the robot warrior is fast, accurate and will track and attack the enemy with relatively little risk to the lives of US soldiers… the robot will rely on its human operator, remotely studying footage from its cameras, for the order to open fire." US plans 'robot troops' for Iraq BBC News, Jan 23 2005

A couple of thoughts:

  • Has the U.S. Army cleared this heresy with the amnesty-obsessed Bush White House? How come its knee-jerk response hasn't appeared—import some Mexicans?
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