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Black Man Facing Death Because He's Not Mexican? [Bryanna Bevens] - 01/04/05

In May 2003, 74 illegal aliens were packed into a truck headed for America.

Locked in the back without air, nineteen of them died.

14 people have been indicted on various charges including:

  • Aiding and abetting in the concealment and harboring of "undocumented immigrants."
  • Aiding and abetting a transportation attempt that resulted in injury or put their lives in jeopardy.
  • Aiding and abetting a transportation attempt that resulted in death.

Of the fourteen scoundrels involved, federal prosecutors are only seeking the death penalty for one man: the truck driver—Tyrone Williams, a Jamaican immigrant from New York. [Death penalty at center in smuggling case, by Harvey Rice. Houston Chronicle 1/03/05]

Attorneys for Williams believe he is being singled out because he is black, which is probably true in one sense.

He is certainly being singled out because he is not Mexican.

According to the Houston Chronicle article:

"Five others have pleaded guilty, four are awaiting trial on smuggling charges in Mexico City and one is awaiting a trial date in Houston."

Here's the problem:  Mexico does not recognize extradition law in cases involving the death penalty. 

Mexican nationals can commit heinous crimes, such as these, and sneak back into Mexico where their government will protect them from consequence.

The charges Williams is facing are for "aiding and abetting." So why should those whom he aided and abetted receive immunity from the death penalty while he does not?

Vote For Izzy [Izzy Lyman] - 01/04/05

My blog - The Homeschooling Revolution - is a finalist in the Best of Blog (BoB) awards 2004 for the Education/Homeschool blog category.

If you are so inclined, I'd appreciate a vote.

More on the Mexican Migrant Guide Scandal [Bryanna Bevens] - 01/04/05

The Mexican government's "migrant" Guide book scandal continues to grow.  (For a copy of the Guide, click here [PDF file]).

Fox news reports that one of its helpful tip for living unobtrusively in the United States is: don't beat your wife.

This would draw the unwelcome attention of law enforcement to your illegal immigration status.

No, I'm serious.  It did not say "Don't beat your wife because that is not very nice and by the way, illegal." 

And a WorldNet Daily's Les Kinsolving actually succeeded in asking White House press secretary, Scott McClellan, about it:

WND: Scott, a two-part. The Arizona Republic reports that the Mexican government's foreign ministry is distributing a guide to assist border-crossing illegal aliens. It's entitled, "The Guide for the Mexican Migrant." And my question: Since the president surely opposes this, what will he do about it?

McCLELLAN: Who is providing this guide?

WND: The foreign ministry of the government of Mexico.

McCLELLAN: Well, I will look into it. I'm not familiar with it.

Right on top of things as usual!

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