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Simple Arithmetic For the Mathematically Challenged [Brenda Walker] - 01/03/05

A while after the last census came out, some mainstream university economists recalculated the number of illegal aliens using employment figures...

But Paul Harrington of Northeastern, using his own formula to capture the undercount, thinks the census missed as many as 7 million undocumented immigrants, which he termed a "conservative" figure. By his accounting, illegal immigrants in the United States total 13 million, or 4.6 percent of the population. [Immigrant Tally Doubles In Census By Aaron Zitner ,Los Angeles Times, march 10, 2001 ]

But that was in 2001. Figuring 3 million additional per year (according to Time magazine) we get around 20 million, using advanced calculations involving fingers.

"At Life's End Many Immigrants Make the Final Journey Home," [Joe Guzzardi] - 01/03/05

Mexicans want to live in the United States. They want to work in America. And they want to bear children and educate their American citizen off spring right here in the USA.

But when they are dead, they want to be buried in Mexico.

According to a January 2, 2004 Sacramento Bee story titled, "At Life's End Many Immigrants Make the Final Journey Home," in 2004 more than 1,500 bodies were shipped from Los Angeles, San Francisco and Sacramento back to Mexico for interment. [VDARE.COM NOTE: See Sam Francis's comments on same phenomenon in New York.]

Mexican consulate offices provided financial assistance.

According to Sacramento Consul Luis Enrique Castresana, "For Mexicans, to go back to their country - alive or dead - is the most important thing."

Well….maybe Mexicans prefer to be home when they're dead. But judging by the looks of things here in Calfornia, when Mexicans are alive, they'd rather be in the United States.

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