Vargas AND Illegal—What's in The Daily News Vs. What's In The New York Times
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Here are some of the stories you get when you Google "Vargas" and "illegal" in Google News:
  • Three sentenced to prison for taking illegal immigrants hostageTucson Citizen - Hugh Holub - Jun 15, 2011? Faustino Chiquete-Reyes, Miguel Leyva-Rocha and Angel Reyna-Vargas were each sentenced on Friday by visiting US District Judge Mark W. Bennett to 132 months, 132 months and 96 months in prison, respectively, for Conspiracy to Commit Hostage Taking...
  • U.S. v. GARCIA-VARGAS - Jun 15, 2011?

    Ricardo Garcia-Vargas appeals his conviction and sentence for illegal reentry in violation of 8 USC § 1326(a). He was sentenced to 37 months of imprisonment and three years of supervised release. Garcia-Vargas has failed to carry his burden of showing...
  • OKC Woman Arrested After Running Over, Killing Niece KWTV - Jun 17, 2011?

    Although police believe it was an accident, Vargas did not have a driver's license. She was arrested, and now faces several charges, including causing an accident with death without a state license, illegal backing, and driving without a state license.

  • 2 street-level runners for large fake ID ring sentenced in Virginia federal court

    Washington Post - Jun 8, 2011?

    As runners for the operation's cell in Richmond, Rodriguez-Vargas and Murillo recruited illegal immigrants looking to buy false IDs, relayed their information and photos to a document production center and delivered the bogus papers to the buyers. ...

  • Assembly votes against law enforcement information sharing

    KYMA - ?May 27, 2011?

    However critics say it's getting rid of the wrong people ... non-violent illegal immigrants. California State Senator Juan Vargas (D-40) is skeptical of the program. He says "in areas like San Diego, Imperial and Riverside counties, there's obviously a..."

So...hostage taking, illegal re-entry after deportation, careless and lethal unlicensed drivers, organized document fraud, and disloyal Hispanic legislators. That's what's in the daily news about "Vargas" and "Illegal."

One more thing—a Pulitzer-prize winning reporter from the Philippines has an Op-Ed in the New York Times saying that he's been in the US illegally since he was 12:

Mr. Vargas, (no relation to any of the other Vargases) calls himself "undocumented" and put the words ”illegal aliens” and ”illegal immigrant” in quotation marks. That's all you need to know about his attitude.

Instead of being absorbed in the criminal subcultures the other Vargases have been absorbed into, Jose Antonio Vargas has been absorbed into the liberal mainstream media subculture, and is thus potentially much more dangerous.

By the way, when I said Vargas was "no relation" to the rest of the illegal Vargases I wasn't kidding—they're mostly Mexicans and he's from the Philippines, which would explain how he got all the way through school without dropping out.

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