EU's Greek Problem Has Same As Roots America's Multicultural Problem
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In the 1960s, about the time America was duped into swamping itself with huge influxes of aliens and becoming multicultural, Western Europe foolishly started pursuing the mirage of merging its various historic nations into a unitary state. The current "Greek" debt crisis is the direct result.

Yesterday Simon Jenkins of the leftist British newspaper The Guardian published a caustic evaluation: If I were a Greek, I would be out on the streets too Tuesday 21 June 2011

Closer European union, so called, was a bad idea...Bluntly, it assumed the commercial culture of "greater Germany" could be imposed on a wide variety of cultures. Countries with a high propensity to work and save would discipline those with a lower one.

Jenkins thinks, no doubt correctly, that the commitment of the German political elite to the European Union is so intense that in the end they will continue subsidizing the Greeks without meaningful concessions.

The EU is a wildly expensive mess sustained, as Jenkins points out, by undemocratic and despotic subterfuges. He continues:

The lesson is clear. Sovereign states with distinct political cultures should never surrender control over internal affairs to foreign agencies unless their people are amenable to such a loss of autonomy. Greeks eagerly joined the EU and the euro because they thought there was money in it. They were absolutely right. Why should anyone reject 30 years of such gift horses when others are paying?

Of course, exactly the same applies to the American post 1965 policy of importing huge quantities of undereducated, cognitively uncompetitive people of other races. Milton Friedman was right. And once benefiting from America's income redistribution policies they have no reason to change, even if they could.

In both cases, assuming the behavior pattern of a distinct people would be readily adopted by others was foolish and hazardous. Yet that is what their Governing classes did.

So white America is going to be stuck paying for this, until its political elite drops its enthusiasm for a "diverse" America.

Or is replaced.

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