Utah Attorney General Shurtleff Hosts Treason Lobby Klavern
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Utah Conference

(For Open-Borders Enthusiasts Only!)

If I read the Press Release correctly, Utah taxpayers have just had the pleasure of paying for a major Treason Lobby self-congratulation session.

"Attorney General Mark Shurtleff is hosting the first-ever Mountain West Immigration Summit today in Salt Lake, bringing together business, law enforcement, faith and government leaders from the mountain west region to discuss immigration policy in the United States."
Amongst the speakers were prominent Hispanic chauvinist Ruben Navarrette and the despicable scalawag mayor of Uvalda, Georgia,  Paul Bridges - whom The Salt Lake Tribune says is
"an outspoken critic of his state’s enforcement-only immigration law currently being challenged in court, he called it "absolutely anti-Christ-like in attitude."

Salt Lake summit: Harsh rhetoric may derail GOP in 2012. By David Montero Oct 26, 2011

Bridges came to fame this summer by supporting efforts to overthrow Georgia’s effort to protect its citizens from the illegal immigration inundation, resulting him being comprehensively eviscerated by William Houston on Youth for Western Civilization in: Paul Bridges: Onion Emperor of Georgia
"What this is really all about, as Bridges himself admits to on camera, is having a permanent Hispanic underclass here without rights, who work on the weekends, who work in the afternoon and evenings, who don't have sick time, who don't have vacation time, who work 75 to 80 hours a week for $7.25 an hour...

The losers in this rotten deal are taxpayers and citizens who end up getting stuck with the bill. Someone has to pay for the hospitals, the roads, the food, the public schools, the welfare and everything else that makes the present system possible...

The only reason an economic incentive for illegal immigration exists here is because the costs are socialized and the benefits are privatized."

(Houston has done brilliant work on what he calls the Slave Power   - the cheap labor consumers so effective this year in blocking patriotic immigration reform.)

Tell Mayor Paul W. Bridges to pick his own onions.

It appears the Conference had no room for any immigration sceptics.

Attorney General Mark Shurtleff displayed full Treason Lobby colors. The Salt Lake City Tribune story reports him trying to panic fellow Republicans

"The party has lost those [Latino] voters," Shurtleff said. "They aren’t in danger — we’ve lost them."
and notes he called for
“neighboring states to pass laws similar to ours."
This refers to Utah’s HR116, a brazen attempt to alter federal immigration law by establishing a state guest worker program – the constitutionality of which the Obama DOJ has somehow not gotten around to challenging.

A large part of the Mormon Establishment in Utah – to which Shurtleff belongs - has gone completely bad on immigration. This is not necessarily so of individuals – the author of the essay discussed in  C.I.S. BEGS Romney: Sink The Immigration Sword Into Rick Perry! is a Mormon. So is Russell Pearce.

But asking Mitt Romney if his Mormonism means he is really a Huntsman on immigration is legitimate.

Complain to Attorney General Shurtleff about the biased character of his Summit


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