USA Today: Patriotic Comment Beats Treasonous Content
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Lie back...You'll like it....

A individual called Raul Reyes has just benefited from the Treason Lobby’s control of the MSM to publish at the huge circulation USA Today an Open Borders tirade entitled  Obama takes realistic step on immigration June 5th 2012.

(Control?  When did you last see a negative view published?)

Exulting in the undeniable effectiveness of the Obama Coup d’etat  this happily admits:

Sure, unemployment remains high and this act will allow as many as 800,000 young people to work in the USA…

The currently top comment needs no improvement:

Steve Sawyer • Top Commenter

Bank Robbers are NOT Bank Customers.
Embezzlers are NOT Accountants.
Pedophiles are NOT Baby Sitters.
Home Invaders are NOT House Guests.
ILLEGAL Aliens are NOT Immigrants!!!

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