Strong Response To Anti-Affirmative Action Story: Why Does GOP Not Use The Issue?
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We are intrigued to see our anti-Affirmative Action article James Madison University’s President Jonathan Alger: Anti-White Hitman has achieved an unprecedented number of “likes” and “shares” from’s (comparatively new) Facebook page.

Of course, Facebook remains largely the territory of the young, and every summer sees a new crop of shocked young white Americans grieving over the vicious and hostile discrimination they have recently experienced in College admissions.

Affirmative Action has the potential to be a great wedge issue for the Republicans, as Peter Brimelow has long pointed out. The arguments against it are unanswerable and Romney has actually shown merit on the issue – unlike the GOP Establishment.

Of course he would have to overrule his stupid staff - no doubt after having had to explain why it is evil.

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