Masked Home Invaders Not The "Victims" Of Citizen Armed With AR-15
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In its otherwise fairly good piece about the 23-year-old Oklahoman who mowed down three burglars with his AR15, reprises the facts from The Washington Post thusly:
Three intruders broke into the wrong home on Monday in Broken Arrow, OK and they all ended up dead at the hands of the homeowner’s son, who police say shot all three men dead with a semiautomatic rifle.  Local law enforcement authorities are calling the shootings an act of self defense and no charges will be filed against the 23-year-old son of the homeowner.

The victims, according to The Washington Post, are all teenagers.  A 16-year-old, a 17-year-old, and another man thought to be either 18 or 19-year-old.  Cops say they smashed down the back door of the home, wearing ski masks in what police believe was a planned burglary.  Two of the intruders were reportedly armed, one carried a knife and another a pair of brass knuckles.

Wait a minute! What!? “Victims?” They were thugs.

On another note, neither the Post nor Lawnewz divulged the race or ethnicity of the “victims” or the man who shot them in self defense, even if they did “exchange words,” as the Post put it. What does that even mean? For the record, the homeowners son (the actual victim of the home invasion) is white, the three dead thugs are two white and one black, above. The rifle was black.

The getaway driver was Elizabeth Rodriguez, who appears to be white. She will face three counts of first-degree murder because she is accused of participating in a crime that ended in a death.


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