Unequal Justice In Running People Down: James Fields, Darrell Brooks, White People Trapped In Riots, And Blacks Trying To Murder Police
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Earlier: Unequal Justice In Fields Charlottesville Trial—And, Increasingly, Throughout The Left’s America

Pedro Gonzales (@emeriticus on Twitter) has a long thread about the difference between the treatment of James Fields, doing life plus 419 years for striking one person in a riot, in what may have been accident or self-defense, and Darrell Brooks, who deliberately targeted white people in a Christmas parade:

James Fields was convicted in part because he had posted or sent someone a meme about running over protesters (i.e., rioters) but as we pointed out here, lots of people are in favor of this, and "State legislators in six states had introduced bills partially protecting drivers in such circumstances." 

James Fields hit one person, then backed up and tried to get away. Muslim terror attackers in Nice and elsewhere, as well as "incel" terrorist Alek Minassian in Toronto, press home the attack —swerving and hitting as Brooks did in Waukesha.

The New York Times has recently been running a propaganda series—in, as Steve Sailer likes to point out in these cases, the news section—condemning and blaming police for shooting at cars trying to run them over:

A Waukesha cop fired at Brooks as he was fleeing after he had killed six people and injured many others. It didn't stop him, but it may have prevented more killing. They quote "criminologists" who think shooting a moving car will create an "unguided missile," which in the Brooks case would have been better than a guided missile.

When the Trayvon Martin case was on, I wrote that

 When police are reported to have killed an “unarmed black teenager,” it’s frequently the case that he was trying to run them over with his car, as in the Devin Brown case in Los Angeles, or the Sean Bell case in Queens.

The police are sometimes told to leap to the side rather than firing at a suspect trying to run them down. As I explained when a white female deputy was run down by a Hispanic teenager (she survived), this is wrong.

In his book Deadly Force: Understanding Your Right to Self Defense, self-defense expert Massad Ayoob explains what's wrong with this theory: the criminal has a steering wheel, and if he's trying to run you over, he can turn the wheel faster than you can leap.

So the "unequal justice" thing is this: a car is deadly weapon when driven by a "white nationalist" trapped in a mob, but harmless when driven by a member of a minority group trying to kill a cop. And one woman dying in an Antifa riot in Charlottesville must be remembered forever, but six murder victims killed by a BLM supporter in Waukesha must be immediately forgotten.

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