UN Agency Denounces ‘Homophobic And Racist Stereotypes’ In Monkeypox Reporting
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From Yahoo News:

UN agency denounces ‘homophobic and racist stereotypes’ in monkeypox reporting

Monique Beals
Sun, May 22, 2022, 1:36 PM·2 min read

UNAIDS released a statement on Sunday condemning reporting on monkeypox that includes “portrayals of LGBTI and African people” that the agency said “reinforce homophobic and racist stereotypes and exacerbate stigma.”

“Lessons from the AIDS response show that stigma and blame directed at certain groups of people can rapidly undermine outbreak response,” the group’s statement said.

The U.N. agency added that a “significant portion” of cases reported thus far were “identified among gay, bisexual, and other men who have sex with men, with some cases identified through sexual health clinics.”

It urged “media, governments, and communities to respond with a rights-based, evidence-based approach that avoids stigma.”

“Stigma and blame undermine trust and capacity to respond effectively during outbreaks like this one,” UNAIDS Deputy Executive Director Matthew Kavanagh said in the agency’s Sunday statement.

“Experience shows that stigmatizing rhetoric can quickly disable evidence-based response by stoking cycles of fear, driving people away from health services, impeding efforts to identify cases, and encouraging ineffective, punitive measures,” Kavanagh added. “We appreciate the LGBTI community for having led the way on raising awareness – and we reiterate that this disease can affect anyone.”

Unlike HIV, which was spread largely by:

  • Blood transfusions with infected blood, a problem that was solved relatively quickly
  • Heroin junkies sharing needles without cleaning them
  • Gay men sodomizing each other on a mass scale

Monkeypox, like COVID, appears to be spread mostly by socializing.

But gays do that more than just about anybody. Thus, the big superspreader event of last summer’s COVID Delta wave was Bear Week in Provincetown.

Monkeypox is a type of orthopoxvirus and is related to smallpox but is usually less severe. It is typically detected in Africa, but recently, cases have been detected in the U.S. and Europe.

Shutting down schools for semesters and forcing children to wear masks is Following the Science, but asking gays to turn it down a notch until we figure out why they are spreading monkeypox would be The Worst Thing Ever.

Some people’s fun, such as children’s, is just less important that other people’s fun, like gays.

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