UK's Wild Election: Scots, Jews, Immigration
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"There seems to be something wrong with our bloody ships today,"  Royal Navy Vice-admiral David Beatty is famously supposed to have said when two British battle cruisers blew up and sank in the first moments of  the 1915 Battle of Jutland.

Similarly, there seems to be something really wrong with British opinion polls: they forecast a 7-point victory margin for Theresa May's Tories in the May 8  general election, which an expert confidently told me as late as Thursday afternoon would mean at least a 70-plus seat majority.

As in the 2015 election, they were spectacularly wrong.

This means May's Tories have missed their chance to emerge as the National Conservative majority party—perhaps not surprising given her half-hearted campaign and her Politically Correct response to the recent Muslim Massacres.

The usual suspects will certainly interpreted this as a setback for Brexit, but note that the most pro-Remain party, the Scottish Nationalist Party, appears to have been devastated (Scotland election results: Huge losses for SNP as Tory chances boosted north of the border, by

In an amazing shift, British Jews have reportedly moved from Labor to Conservative 77-13% (UK Jewish Community Likely To Come Out In Force For May's Conservatives, by Josh Dell, June 8, 2017). This possibly reflects Labor's embrace of Britain's Muslims, now reportedly nearly 3 million strong.

Overall, I think the key issue:

 Memo to Trump: immigration must be an issue in America's elections.




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