UK's Rishi Sunak And John Derbyshire On Keeping Illegals Aliens On Cruise Ships Or "Hulks"—Sunak Actually Got There First!
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Earlier By John Derbyshire: Suggestion For The British Government: House Illegal Immigrants In Prison Hulks

I‘m flattered to know that Rishi Sunak, one of the two contenders for leadership of Britain‘s Tory Party, and thence Prime Minister, is a Derb fan.

Britain has, as I have often reported, been plagued by Third World opportunists entering the country illegally after crossing the English Channel from France in boats supplied by people smugglers. Short of declaring war on France, whose government is of course complicit in the matter, there isn‘t much the Brits can do to stop the boats, so they have to take care of the illegals somehow. They‘ve been putting them up in hotels and old military facilities, but options are running out.

Here and on Radio Derb I‘ve suggested hulks—unwanted old ships that could be fitted up as floating detention facilities, as used to be done back in the day with surplus criminals.

Well, Rishi Sunak has, so to speak, come on board with my idea. He has…

Ah, wait a minute. Reading down the Daily Mail story a bit further, I see that Mr Sunak got there first.

Back in 2020 he proposed housing the illegals in cruise ships.

So this is a case of great minds thinking alike, not appropriation of my own powerful thoughts.

Whatever. I wish Mr Sunak well with his proposal, and in his campaign for the Tory leadership.

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