UK: Race, Immigration, and "Unnecessary Physical Violence"—And They Wonder Why Britons Turn to UKIP and the BNP!
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Aaron Fitzgerald Gelly

According to the British detective inspector,

 “Both victims were subjected to unnecessary physical violence in their own home…. However, I would like to reassure the public that such crimes are very rare.”
“Unnecessary physical violence” involved the woman, who lived in Clapham, in the South London borough of Lambeth, being sodomized and repeatedly raped over the course of three hours, and her boyfriend being subjected to, oh, being “repeatedly kicked and punched,” threatened with murder, while “computer cable was wrapped around his throat,” being repeatedly pistol-whipped, and “a hot iron [being] pressed against his forehead and thigh, and then lemon juice and bleach were poured and rubbed in to his injuries.”

The two 20-year-old black attackers, Reon Hall, alias Reon Wong, and Aaron Fitzgerald Gelly, were joined in their “unnecessary physical violence” by “several more men,” about whom we learn nothing. (“Several,” to me, means at least four.)

Reon Hall, alias Reon Wong Gelly, Hall, & Co. also robbed their victims, neither of whom had any money, of “a small amount of property, including mobile phones, and made their escape by stealing the victims' cars.”

Two automobiles aren’t exactly “a small amount of property.”

The case was a slam-dunk, police were able to quickly recover both cars, and “a cigarette butt in the bedroom … contained DNA relating to the two men in court today.”

So, what did the two unnecessarily violent gentlemen receive, by way of punishment, for multiple counts of aggravated assault, multiple counts of aggravated rape, kidnapping, robbery and grand theft auto? During a backward, more civilized time, they would have been hanged. Instead, they got only nine years each, which will likely translate into only four years actually served.

The victims, er, criminals took a plea bargain. But with such a strong case, why offer a plea bargain?

I learned about this case from Larry Auster, who noted that the British mainstream press had disappeared it, with only a few local papers, such as The Surrey Comet reporting on it at all, and declining to mention the victims’ races. British commenters and Auster assumed that the victims were white, which you can pretty much take to the bank, due to the savagery of the attack. Note too that this is not the first time that I have read of black felons pouring bleach on a victim in the UK, though they typically pour beach on a white female, after raping her. (In America, this is form of torture growing in popularity among racist black felons: see here and here.)

This was almost certainly a racial attack, by sociopaths who are likely immigrants or the children of immigrants. But no, can’t mention anything of significance. (And if the media don’t like people assuming that the victims are white, they have to stop suppressing such vital information.)

Speaking of the refusal to use clear, informative English, the aforementioned British detective inspector is named Mick Foote. Remember that name! That man is going places. Anyone who can turn a horrific, racist attack, the likes of which the UK sees all the time these days, into “unnecessary physical violence” and can, with a straight face, lie that “such crimes are very rare” is on his way, either to the upper reaches of the UK police bureaucracy, or to a BAFTA award for acting.

Auster writes,

“How many white people in the whole damned Western world will speak openly and publicly about the ongoing intifada of savage black on white racial violence? How many British and American ‘conservatives’ will do it? How many self-described ‘to the right of Attila the Hun’ American conservatives will do it?”

[“Group of Blacks Hold White Couple Prisoner in London Flat, Repeatedly Raping Woman, Torturing Man,” by Lawrence Auster, View from the Right, June 21, 2009.]

(Lest I be accused by non-black immigrants in the UK of ignoring their impressive contributions to violent anarchy, let me note Pakistani Moslems’ involvement in crime, particularly the gang rape of young women and the “grooming” rapes by older men of younger girls.)

And note how poor the victims were, even before the attack. Their poverty and victimization capture in a microcosm the fate of the white British working and lower-middle classes, in an era of mass immigration, racial socialism, and the class war of the elites against the British people.

But God forbid, you should publicly support the BNP—you’ll lose your job!

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