Police Officer Murdered By Illegal In Sanctuary City Houston
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Houston is well known for keeping its criminal-coddling sanctuary policy even after terrible crimes by illegal foreigners have occurred, like the murders of mother Tina Davila and PD Officer Rodney Johnson. Houston police officer Henry Canales was shot dead during an undercover operation involving people who wanted to buy stolen televisions:

Here's a print story on the case: Prosecutors: Jailed suspect ordered robbery of slain undercover officer

The gunman who fatally shot a Houston police officer in the back before being gunned down by another officer during an undercover sting late Tuesday is believed to have been an illegal immigrant from Mexico, law enforcement officials said Wednesday.

Robert Rutt, agent in charge of the U.S. Customs and Immigration Enforcement office of criminal investigations in Houston, confirmed that Houston police had asked for assistance in determining the immigration status of the gunman shot to death in a drug store parking lot after officer Henry Canales, 42, was fatally wounded.

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