Uh-Oh! George Borjas On Bush's Enforcement Priorities
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George Borjas has a long post on the defeat of the immigration bill, and in the middle of it there's this worrisome thought:

Does this end the debate over immigration? No.

Why? Because our immigration system is truly broken.

Regardless of what happened at the Senate today, there are still 12 million illegal immigrants living in the country, and that number is increasing at the rate of about half-a-million a year. And there's no longer any need for the Bush administration to keep playing the charade of "more enforcement" that received wide media attention in the past few months.

Two possible answers to Federal corruption and willing lack of enforcement are efforts by local police to enforce the immigration law, and the Minutemen Civil Defense Corps.

But both of them may find that they're being harassed by the same Federal Government that won't do its job on the border.

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