Spanish Whiner Chorus Pipes Up
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Unsurprisingly, our parasitic southern neighbors are miffed that the Senate bill failed and therefore borders will not be opened still wider for their convenience.

MEXICO CITY, June 29 — Latin America reacted with sharp disappointment Friday to the U.S. Senate's defeat of an immigration bill, a decision that Mexican President Felipe Calderon called "a grave error" and Salvadoran President Elias Antonio Saca said was "a pity." [...]

In an editorial published Friday, the Mexico City newspaper El Universal said it is "highly hypocritical that the United States admits migrants as peasants, but does not accept them as citizens. A state that sends troops to the Middle East to try to implant democracy and respect for human rights does not practice such supreme values in its own territory." [Sharp Reaction to Immigration Bill's Defeat, Washington Post 6/30/07]

As usual, the professional Mexican whiners are full of it. The United States has the most generous system of legal immigration on earth, and much of it is based on family ties, so millions of "peasants" have in fact become citizens.

Latin politicians care only about the remittances sent by their nation's escapees that keep their corrupt states afloat. El Salvador received $3.3 billion in remittances in 2006, nearly all from Salvadorans living in the U.S. PBS has said that remittance money there "dwarfs every other industry."

Mexico is the biggest remittance junky, however, with $23 billion received in 2006. Millions of Mexican families depend on money sent from relatives in the United States, a situation that does not foster pressure on Mexico's government for economic reform. It's so much easier for Mexican pundits and pols to complain about America than look into the mirror!

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