U.S. Chamber of Commerce Is The Common Enemy Of Both Immigration Restrictionists And Economic Nationalists
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The U.S. Chamber of Commerce, which is the enemy of immigration restrictionists, is also the enemy of those of us who believe Economic Nationalism in equally necessary to save the country. Both Obama and establishment Republicans like Paul Ryan appear to be in bed with the Chamber and corporate elites and so seek to do the wrong thing on both issues.

A new party to replace the Republicans must reject globalism and the desires of the corporate elites. Both immigration and trade need to be for the benefit of the country as a whole. Unfortunately, politicians and pundits who see the light on trade seem to be even fewer than those who understand the destructive effect of excess immigration.

Below is from the website of the Coalition for a Prosperous America:

"The aggregate U.S. trade deficit with FTA partners is more than five times as high as before the deals went into effect, while the aggregate deficit with non-FTA countries has actually fallen slightly.The key differences are soaring imports into the United States from FTA partners and lower growth in U.S. exports to those nations than to non-FTA nations. Incredibly, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce website states, “For those worried about the U.S. trade deficit, trade agreements are clearly the solution – not the problem.” Their pitch ignores the import surges contributing to growing deficits and job loss, while their export “data” is inflated, using tricks described below."

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