Communist Sympathizer One Of Hillary's Hispanic Allies In Illinois
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Chicago anarchist Emma Lozano, a Communist Party recruiter in that city in the 1970s and godmother to the son of deported Elvira "Church Lady" Arellano, is among those lefty luminaries comprising the Illinois for Hillary Hispanic Leadership Council.

"I am thrilled to have the support of this group of prominent Hispanic leaders from the state of Illinois," said Senator (Hillary) Clinton. "Too many Hispanic families feel that they are invisible to this president, but when I am president, no American will be invisible." (Except, perhaps, black Americans, and the others who make up our own working poor).

Lozano is the wife of pseudo-cleric Walter "Slim" Coleman, whose spiffy storefront Methodist church was used by Arellano for a year while she flipped off federal immigration agents and sniveled to anyone carrying a TV camera or reporter's notebook.

You can see a brief bio of Lozano here. She's the fifth "fellow" from the top.

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