U.K. Proposes 3 Sensible Anti Illegal Immigrant Measures: Why Can't America Copy?
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Syrian aspiring "Refugeees" aka immivaders of U.K. H/T Daily Mail

In response to my report of the astonishing sight of a white politician trying to protect his people from immivasion (of course not American) a helpful reader alerted me an even more dramatic example (also not American, naturally): Illegal immigrants to be kept off road by James Kirkup The Telegraph 09 Oct 2013.

Illegal immigrants will be denied driving licences under laws to be announced on Thursday.

Banks will also be told to refuse to open accounts for foreigners who are not entitled to be in Britain.

…the Bill will also contain a legal requirement for private landlords to check the immigration status of tenants.

Drivers licenses for illegals of course was central to California’s recent unilateral implementation of Amnesty. The Israelis have also just interdicted the banking transactions of illegals as I noted in Why Not Include This Sensible New Israeli Measure In Gang Bill? (and was proposed on VDARE.com in 2007). The landlord measure was tried in Farmers Branch and Hazleton, requiring the mobilization of Treason Lobby allies in the Judiciary to frustrate and bringing Lou Barletta to the public eye.

British Prime Minister Cameron and his now ill-named Conservatives are very untrustworthy on immigration issues, of course and his Liberal Democrat coalition allies are even worse. There is no doubt that these measure are being taken for fear of the Patriotic splinter parties, the BNP and particularly UKIP.

Could there be a lesson for America here?

The Telegraph account concluded

Ministers said the changes will make life harder for illegal immigrants in Britain, reducing the “pull factors” that encourage people to remain without permission.

Self-Deportation, anyone?

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