German Interior Minister: No To More "Refugees" AKA Economic Migrants
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Interior Minster Friedrich: An import America needs!

Last Thursday a ship carrying mainly African aspiring illegal immigrants sank off the Italian island of Lampedusa and several hundred apparently drowned. The response has been a barrage of tear-jerking intended to stampede European countries into making entry by alleged refugees easier.

As the wonderful Refugee Resettlement Watch reports one man has stood up against this terrorism:

Germany’s conservative interior minister Hans-Peter Friedrich has dismissed calls for softening the rules of immigration in Europe and urged for more strict measures against illegal immigration…

Interior minister Friedrich argued that most of the migrants coming from African countries were “economically” motivated, rather than being refugees in need of political asylum…

Friedrich…also called for stronger measures within the EU against what he described as economically motivated immigration that exploits Germany’s social security system.

Friedrich expressed Germany’s discomfort at growing number of immigrants who are coming to Germany from other European countries thanks to the EU’s freedom of movement principle, but not studying or working and paying their taxes. These are increasingly becoming a burden and problem for German cities and municipalities he argued and urged for measures. “Freedom of movement does not mean having a freedom to change your home country just to benefit from the higher social service standards of another country,"

German conservatives against accepting more refugees 08 October 013 ( emphasis)

This response has not reached quite the robust level of Israel’s but it is far better than anything America has. I am not aware of a single national US elected official who has taken a stand against the American Refugee Industry.

On the same day Refugee Resettlement Watch posted this story another item was Obama to “welcome” another 70,000 refugees to US in FY2014

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