Twitter Blocks NEW YORK POST Scoop On Hunter Biden
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My brain is too old and tired to follow all the ins-and-outs of Eastern European spy-vs-spy action, but the New York Post is headlining a scoop about apparent nefarious activities First Son (Presumptive) Hunter Biden has been up to in Ukraine.

Here’s what Twitter replies each time I try to tweet out the current cover story in the New York Post:

Twitter is refusing to let users tweet out the Post’s cover story. Facebook is said to be blocking as well.

You can still (as of right now) go to the article on by clicking this link:

Isn’t visiting websites directly how the Internet used to work back in say, 2000? There were a lot of different websites and you clicked on the one you wanted to go to.

Why was it a good idea to set up a handful of zillionaire monopolists as the intermediaries between individuals and web content they want to access?

By the way, you are currently still allowed to tweet out a samizdat link to an archived version of the NY Post article:

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