Trump Is Up 11% From 2016 Among Nonwhites; But ...
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From Audacious Epigone:

These results are striking. They show Trump improving by a net of 11 points among non-whites but declining by a net of 10 points among whites from 2016 to 2020. Because whites still comprise nearly three-quarters of the voting electorate, this is not a wash for the president. It represents an apparent decline in total support, albeit arrived at in exactly the opposite way the major media Narrative would have us believe. Trump is not doubling down on white men at the expense of everyone else. To the contrary, he’s making inroads with everyone else as he concedes support among white men.

But it will be a moral victory if Trump improves among nonwhites while doing worse than 2016 among the white majority. I’m sure the media will give him full credit.

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