Radio Derb Transcript Up For October 9: No Debate On Immigration, Portland Votes Antifa, Nobel Prize For NoPoetry, Etc.
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The Radio Derb Transcript is up for October 9, go here to read or listen.

00m52s  You can't debate that!  (Biden, Harris, and unmentionables.)

08m21s  Portland votes Antifa.  (They're even stupider than New Yorkers.)

14m27s  A poetry Nobel for America.  (She doesn't want to be Longfellow.)

20m03s  Crapping on the altar of math.  (Girls take over.)

29m05s  Living in the material world.  (But drifting into dreamland.)

35m20s  Dolly's two Playboy covers.  (42 years apart.)

37m21s  Strict governess saved from kidnap.  (But was it a "militia"?)

39m01s  A new cohort of governesses.  (Mary Poppins is back.)

40m42s  Signoff.  (Remembering John Lennon.) 

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