TWI's Weigel On CPAC, A Coughing Brimelow, And The Sailer Strategy
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David Weigel gives a straightforward account of the just-concluded Conservative Political Action Conference in The Washington Independent: The Conservatives' Lost Decade, 3/2/09:

Many conservatives who had felt shut out and marginalized in the Bush years felt vindicated by the defeat of 2008. Immigration restrictionists had a large presence at CPAC, bolstered by a new group, Young People for Western Civilization [sic — actually Youth For Western Civilization], and the omnipresent former congressman Tom Tancredo and Team America PAC leader Bay Buchanan. At a launch party Friday night for the group, Tancredo was mobbed for photos as Peter Brimelow, editor of the immigration restrictionist web site, huddled in a corner nursing a cough.
Brimelow, like Tancredo, scoffed at the idea that the Republican comeback would come when the party reached out to Hispanic voters. “Republicans fluctuate between disastrous and catastrophic with the Hispanic vote,” he said. “The problem that Republicans had was that they didn’t turn out the white vote, and they didn’t get as large a share of the white vote as they should have. What reason did McCain give them?”

This, of course, is what we at VDARE.COM call the Sailer Strategy. I hope to write more on CPAC later this week.

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