Muslim Poll Omits the Negative
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Gallup rolled out a major report today on the situation of Muslims residing in America. The lengthy poll results (140 pages, downloadable in PDF here) were tabulated by the Muslim West Facts Project, a partnership between the Gallup pollsters and something called the Coexist Foundation. You can watch the one-hour presser available on C-SPAN Archives.

The New York Times coverage was typically upbeat about diversity: Poll Finds U.S. Muslims Thriving, but Not Content.

A Gallup poll of Muslims in the United States has found that they are far more likely than people in Muslim countries to see themselves as thriving.

In fact, the only countries where Muslims are more likely to see themselves as thriving are Saudi Arabia and Germany, according to the poll.

And yet, within the United States, Muslims are the least content religious group, when compared with Jews, Mormons, Protestants and Roman Catholics.

The poll focused on ordinary areas of education, income, political affiliation and such, but the lengthy paper was more remarkable that it did not include what Americans want to know about Muslims in their midst, namely how many support the jihadist ideology of overturning the Constitution. In short, no tough questions were asked, and the survey makes the 2007 creampuff effort from the Pew Research Center (Muslim Americans: Middle Class and Mostly Mainstream) look hard hitting.

The report's constant comparisons with other religions [e.g. "Muslim Americans (41%) are the least likely religious group surveyed to be 'thriving' especially when compared with Jewish American (56%) and Mormon Americans (51%)." — page 10] appear to be an effort to normalize a population that contains a measurable fifth column.

One notable point was how Muslim women were utilizing the freedoms and opportunities available to all in the United States.

American Muslim women, contrary to stereotype, are more likely than American Muslim men to have college and post-graduate degrees. They are more highly educated than women in every other religious group except Jews. American Muslim women also report incomes more nearly equal to men, compared with women and men of other faiths.

Muslim women are apparently happy to explore their potential in a society where such aspirations are possible, while some want to have a Plan B to escape the ball and chain of a violent marriage.

Speaking of that aspect of the Religion of Peace, scholar Daniel Pipes recently observed that accused wife-beheader Muzzammil Hassan stated that he chopped up his wife so she couldn't reach paradise. Mr. Hassan had started Bridges TV near Buffalo to educate us infidels about the charms of Islamic culture and "portray Muslims in a more positive light."

Muslims—just another piece in the glorious diverse patchwork of America!

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