Trump Wows the Crowd in Dallas, Keeps Hammering on Illegal Immigration, the Border and the Anchor Baby Loophole
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Donald Trump was in Dallas on September 14th, and gave a great speech at the American Airlines Center arena (home of the Dallas Mavericks).     The speech lasted over an hour, and Trump from what I could see on the video, had the audience with him the whole time.

To watch a video of the speech, click here and for a Mainstream Media summary click here.

Trump is  leading among evangelicals nationally (though Carson is winning that sector in Iowa) and he had supporter Robert Jeffress, pastor of Dallas First Baptist Church go to the podium  and be recognized, a very savvy move.

In his speech, Trump hit hard on various aspects of immigration, stressing that "We have to stop illegal immigration.  We have to do it. We have to do it."

Trump talked again about the wall, saying "We have to build a wall folks...And a wall works."

"Go to Israel", said Trump, and ask about walls.  (Israel has been very successful in fencing off its borders).

"We are a dumping ground" for other countries, said Trump, who spoke again about illegal alien crime and illegal aliens who are gang members, who he said would be the first to go.

Trump spoke again about anchor babies, saying clearly of the policy that "It's wrong" and "People are finding out that I'm right."

One thing we might take issue with is Trump's call to let foreigners who are at the top of their classes  in college  be allowed to stay.   That sounds suspiciously similar to Romney's promise to staple a green card to the back of the diplomas of foreign graduates of U.S. colleges.

Previously, around the 12 minute mark,   Trump had exposed the scam artistry perpetrated by Karl Rove, who raised 434 million dollars in the 2012 election, but yet "didn't win one race".

Going after the professional political consultant class is, I think, one of the marks of genius of the Trump Campaign.

It's refreshing to see Trump continue to hammer away on illegal immigration, a border barrier, and the anchor baby loophole.

Trump has a real ability to connect with Middle America, and it's really something to behold.


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