How Intentionally Did Obama Sabotage Hillary's Chances?
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In his interview with Jeffrey Goldberg of the The Atlantic on foreign policy before the election, President-Eject Obama admitted that his Libyan war was a disaster, but placed most of the blame on his Secretary of State (Joe Biden was even harsher on Hillary).

This didn’t get much publicity at the time, because who would be interested in the Democratic president dissing the Democratic candidate?

That’s not news.

So Obama had various reasons for not being wholly despondent when Hillary booted the big one last November.

A huge question about the Democrats’ 2016 failure is the role of Black Lives Matter. It’s not hard to understand why the Obama Administration promoted the myth of the martyrdom of failed cop killer Michael Brown, but why did Hillary?

Was there a quid pro quo? In return for Obama’s help, she’d promote his pet cause?

Or is Hillary just really out to lunch? After all, the day after the BLM terrorist massacre of Dallas cops she tweeted:

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