Trump Town Hall: Family Separation, Pardoning January 6ers, And Fatuous Fact-Checkers
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Despite the fact that it was on CNN, I don’t seem to be able to find a transcript of Trump’s Town Hall interview.

One useful thing:

Trump suggests family separation immigration policy could return: Trump said he would return to one of the harshest immigration enforcement policies imposed by his administration: separating migrant families at the US-Mexico border. “When you say to a family that if you come, we’re going to break you up, they don’t come,” Trump said. His comments come as Title 42, the Trump-era pandemic public health restriction that became a key tool officials used to expel migrants at the US-Mexico border, is set to expire Thursday.

As we said in 2018, the family separation thing worked, and decreased illegal immigration—these aren’t refugees, they’re economic migrants.

Another point—Trump’s attitude towards the Mostly Peaceful Protest on January 6, 2020.

Trump, unlike any other Republican, is defending January 6 protesters and promising to pardon them if elected:

He also mentioned Ashli Babbitt, who may have been the only person actually killed during the protest.

CNN also “fact-checked“ Trump for saying the 2020 election was rigged. They insist that all the ballots were counted, ignoring the half a dozen other ways the election was rigged: “fortified“ by a “cabal,“ bought by Mark Zuckerberg, Biden’s corruption suppressed by Twitter , Facebook and the MSM, and lied about by the CIA [Fact-checking Trump’s CNN town hall in New Hampshire, CNN, May 11, 2023].

They fact-checked him over Voter ID:

“I hope we’re going to have very honest elections. We should have voter ID.”

Facts First: It’s misleading at best for Trump to claim voter ID doesn’t currently exist in US elections.“

Then they explain that only 15 states don’t have Voter ID, and Democrats motives for opposing it are really pure. Their motive is they hate white people, and don’t care if ineligible people vote.

(With 11-25 million illegal aliens in the country, proof of citizenship is vital—many young illegals don’t know that they weren’t born in the US.)

And finally, they fact-checked this:

Intelligence agents impact on the election

As part of his argument that the 2020 election was “rigged,” Trump claimed 51 intelligence agents “made a 16-point difference” in the outcome of the election.

Facts First: There is no evidence for this.

Trump appears to have been referring to a letter signed by former intelligence agents weeks before the 2020 election. The letter stated that the release of emails purportedly belonging to then-candidate Joe Biden’s son Hunter, which had been generating sensational stories in right-wing media, had “all the classic earmarks of a Russian information operation.”

No proof of Russian involvement in the release of those emails has emerged, and Republicans have argued that the letter helped discredit negative stories about the Biden family just before the election. But there’s also no proof that the letter swayed the outcome of the election.

Not only is this just ridiculous, but CNN doesn’t seem to realize that we now know that this conspiracy to suppress Biden’s corruption wasn’t just coming from the “former intelligence agents“ but from the actual CIA itself.

Is it any wonder that Trump, like us, views the MSM as the enemy?

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